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According to the authors of “Parenting with Love and Logic” Foster Cline and Jim Fay, there are three types of parents: the “Helicopter parent, the Drill sergeant parent, and the consultant parent”. Each parenting type has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. Which are you, and what do you want to be. As a helicopter parent you huver around your children preventing them from making mistakes, always there to catch them. As a Drill Sergeant parent you are there to tell your children what to do, not sure if they can make the right decisions on their own. AS the Consultant parent, you are there for children, as they make mistake and successes along the way, you are they to observe and give support when needed.

It is important to allow your children to fall. They will not know success if they don’t know failure.




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I was trained in Marriage and Family Therapy at St. Mary's University of MN from 1996-2000. I hold a masters degree in Counseling and Psychological Services, as well as a Post Masters Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have had extensive training in Narrative Therapy with Michael White and David Epston, as well as Walter Bera, PHD, LMFT. My passion for work centers around helping individuals, couples, and families create new Narratives of a preferred story, one in which they want to live not that they have to live. I believe we are all spirit and sexual beings. Through therapy, all people can find peace in both their spiritual life as well as their sexual life.
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