Consultaton supervision
I believe that good supervision and therapy mirror each other. I work from the lens of Narrative Therapy (White & Epston, 1990; Freedman & Combs, 1996; Freeman, J.,Epston, D., & Lobovits D. 1997; Morgan, 2000) when seeing clients, and I believe that it is important to stay consistent with Narrative theories in supervision. Kenneth Stewart (1994) states that in a postmodern view of supervision “there is no one story, theory, or set of techniques that constitutes the way to do therapy” (p.12). Although my personal lens for therapy and supervision is predominantly Narrative, I do not impose it on others.  Read More
At Genuine Therapy Center, we believe in building therapists who are confident in who they are and what they have to offer others. We offer both Individual and Group supervision for those individuals who are working towards licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy.
Rates and opennings: Trenton J. Peterson, MA, LMFT and Andrea Hendel, MA, LMFT are both Approved Supervisors in MN. We have opennings for new supervisees at this time.
Trenton’s Rates: Individual (1-2) $60/hr ($30 each if dyad) Group (3-6) $20/hr for each group member
Please contact Trenton at or 763-712-1903